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In accordance with the university’s running principle and development goals, Library of Southwest Jiaotong University is always geared to the need of the university’s teaching and research. Guiding by the principle of “being human-oriented and service-innovated” and being supported by advanced technique and scientific management, the library devotes major efforts to consummating the enrichment of document and information resources. With constantly improvement of its infrastructure construction and network environment, the library has become a powerful support for the university’s construction and development, as well as the cultivation of qualified talents.


 Library of Southwest Jiaotong University is composed of Jiuli Campus Library, Xipu Campus Library, Emei Campus Library, and branch libraries or reference rooms of colleges. It totally occupies 59316 Square Meters. Emei Campus Library, completed in 1981, has a build-up area of 6355 Square Meters. Jiuli Campus Library, completed in 1991, covers a build-up area of 16,961 Square Meters. Xipu Campus Library, completed in August 2007, occupies a build-up area of 36,000 Square Meter.


Through an accumulation for more than a century, Library of Southwest Jiaotong University collects multidisciplinary and complementary literatures with characteristics of the university’s subjects. Early collections of the library include: Yu Gong Zhui Zhi, which was published in the 44th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1705). Qin Ding Gu Jin Tu Shu Ji Cheng (5044 volumes), which was bestowed by Emperor Guangxu and Empress Dowager Cixi to Tangshan College of Railways and Mines (predecessor of SWJTU) in 1908.And Zhou Li Shu Zhu, Si Bu Cong Shu, ect. In addition, the library also keeps bound periodical of periodicals since its founding, and some bound newspapers collected since Anti-Japanese War in 1937. Currently the library owns a total collection of nearly 15,500,000 volumes (pieces). Among which the paper book collections are about 3,000,000 volumes, and digital resources both at home and abroad (including purchased and self-built ones) are about 12,500,000 volumes (including database, e-journals, e-books, etc.).


Library of Southwest Jiaotong University puts its emphasis on integral application of paper and digital literature resource. In addition, it also accelerates construction of special database as well as cyber source navigation database, and enhances exchanges and cooperation with other units both at home and abroad. Therefore, the library has developed a “three-level-complementary” (paper resources, digital resources and interlibrary loan / document delivery) literature assurance system, which preferably fulfills the needs of the university’s teaching, scientific research and subject development.


Library of Southwest Jiaotong University set up Educational-ministry-level Novelty Check Station by the authorization of Ministry of Education in 2004. The library actively offers information services such as scientific novelty search, references, documents delivery and interlibrary loan, information literacy education, user training, etc. Thanks to years’ efforts, the course Information Retrieval was awarded the title of School-level Top Quality Course in 2003, Sichuan Top Quality Course in 2007, and National Top Quality Course in 2010. Educational reform and practical results which based on the course were rewarded first prize of 2008 Southwest Jiaotong University Excellent Education Results in 2008, and second prize of Sichuan Provincial Government Excellent Education Results in 2009.


The library’s automation management system, which was independently designed and development by the library itself, is called BSLC System. It was approved by National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China in 2009. As a powerful library management system, BSLC System meets the ISO2709 International Standard. Adopting B/S mode, it thoroughly solves problems of long distance, large scale and concurrent users. It achieves fully co-construction and share of literature resources, thus provides readers with more abundant services.


Library of Southwest Jiaotong University was rewarded as “Sichuan Excellent Academic Library” in 1993, 1995 and 1998. In 1998, the library was rewarded as “Small Family of Model Staff” by All-China Federation of Trade Unions. In 1999, the library was rewarded as “National Excellent Libraries of Railway-majored Colleges and Universities”. In 2004, the library was rewarded as “Sichuan Excellent Automatic and Network Systematic Academic Library”. In 2006, the library was rewarded as “Sichuan Provincial Education Union Advanced Women Community”. In 2012, the library was rewarded as “Advanced Unit in Nationwide Reading” by China Society for Library Science. In 2012, the library was rewarded as second prize of “CALIS Dissertation Project Data Construction” in 3rd stage of China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS) Construction.


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